1 TIMOTHY 3:15; PSALMS 31:18&20 ; 2 KINGS 5:22-27.
 Regardless of the size of your church, and your role in that church, never allow these attitudes in your life because you will be pulling down the work of God if you imbibe these attitudes.
If you have ever lied against a man of God, you are not a free person. You are in bondage because you are a tool in the hand of the enemy and he will seek to use you for greater damage in the future before he destroys you. The only remedy is to swallow your pride, go back to where you lied against the pastor. One of the worst things a person can do is to lie against a man of God.
We have seen ladies who enter a man of God’s office to seduce him and he shouted on her to run her out of the office and she also shouted that he wants to rape me and people came in. The pastor lost honour, and the news went round. The matter is not yet over because Jesus Christ, the Head of the church, has it on record and it is not forgotten. 
If you have been involved in a lie against a man of God, it brings a generational curse. Go back and right the wrong. If you must make an open confession in the church, do it because that is what will cancel the repercussions. When you repent, God will forgive and cleanse you and give you a new beginning.
PRAYER: Lord, let me never find myself in a position of lying against your servant- the anointed. Teach me how to comport myself correctly in the church, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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