*(1)* Don’t ignore daily reading of God’s Word and meditation, it has great potency to renew your mind against evil thoughts and fear.

*(2)* Don’t excuse daily secret prayers, it is the life breath of the Christian life. If you don’t pray you become prey to sin and Satan.

*(3)* Don’t habit talkertiveness, fight against it and remain discipline in words. Talkertiveness breeds spiritual weakness and emptiness.

*(4)* Surround yourself with praying brethren, people that desire more of God. It gives you appetite for more of God.

*(5)* Don’t speak evil of others, neither envy the grace of God on others. Praise them and bless them, for whatsoever you sow shall you reap.

*(6)* Love all, do the works of love by paying evil with good. By this shall all men know that you are a true Christian.

*(7)* Shun hypocrisy, never present yourself to others in falsehood. Hypocrites never grow in grace, but they grow in guilt.

*(8)* My beloved brethren, never you exalt activities for God above your personal fellowship with God. Many are working for God but are not walking with God. It ends in great disappointment.

( *9)* Cry to God whenever you stop hearing from God. For Christ’s sheep hear his voice.

*(10)* Rescue the perishing, for soul winners are people putting smile on Christ’s face. Win a soul to Jesus!

*(11)* Never praise yourself, there is an invisible eyes that watch your motives of doing things. Becareful what you say about yourself, let others talk about you.

have these rules, and I pray you should meditate on them one by one.

*Please don’t fail to share with other Christians.*

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